Without question the number one most important detail in proper lawn care is the cutting height. Believe it or not – nine times out of ten – cutting your lawn is detrimental to it’s health.


The ideal height for most residential lawns, (which are usually a variety of Kentucky bluegrass) is two to three inches.  Your lawn should never be cut as short as a putting green. Putting greens are an entirely different high maintenance type of turf. These are creeping bentgrasses and are very impractical in home lawn settings.  Part of the importance of the cutting height also involves how much to cut off at one time.  Removing any more than 1/3 of the leaves at once stresses the turf – or any plant for that matter – and allows insects or other diseases to attack where they were unable to before. 

If, however, your lawn has been traditionally cut at a lower height with success don’t change your habits overnight.  It may be possible that you have a variety of turfgrass that lends itself to lower cutting heights.  2-3″ growing height is a general rule of thumb – particularly in fairly new and recently sodded lawns.

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